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general faq's

about kameron

hello everyone!  this is a fashion, beauty, & lifestyle blog of me, kameron javier.  

i'm a born & raised CA girl & grew up in the suburbs of sacramento.  i was born in 1996 which makes me a 90's baby.  i love all things fashion, faith, food, friends, & family.  my goal in life is to radiate positivity through the outfits i wear, the words i say, & the actions i do.  this is my journey through the twenty-somethings sharing my passion with you all.  thank you for following along.  please feel free to contact me with any questions or collaborations at kameronjavierxblog@gmail.com

the purpose

this blog's main purpose is to inform & inspire with love.  my blog is here to serve as a platform for fashion, beauty, & life itself.  most importantly this blog  is to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone & get creative with your own style.

what does kamolea mean?

kamolea is my first and middle name put together.  first name kameron & middle name is olea. you pronounce it as kam-oh-lay-uh

how old are you?

i was born in 1996 which makes me 24 this year.  i get mistaken as a teenager most of the time ;)

did you go to college?

yes, i did!  i am a proud hornet, attended sacramento state, & graduated in 2018!  i majored in business with a concentration in marketing!

how did you get into blogging?

i have always loved fashion, styling outfits, & being creative with it. back in the day, i would start blogs but never keep up with them.  thanks to quarantine 2020, i finally pushed myself to follow my passion and now here i am!

what website do you use for your blog?

i use wix!  love it! 

who takes all your photos?

my best friends AKA my two wonderful sisters!

fashion faq's

how would you describe your style?

i would best describe my style as boho-chic.  i love bohemian styles & prints.  i especially love the 60's & 70's fashion which is my inspiration for most outfits. 

what are your favorite brands?

free people 1st, topshop 2nd, & zara 3rd.  but most of the time i don't look at brands.  i just like finding pieces that make feel good & look good ;)

how tall are you?

i am standing proudly at 5'3

what is your sizing?

tops: s-m, shorts: 25-27, pants: 2-4, dresses: xs-s, rompers: s-m

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