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24 & Just Getting Started

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

hi friends!

today i celebrate my 24th year of living. i thank God everyday for the breathe in my lungs. today i am so grateful for yet another year of life because that means another year of living out our purpose, spreading the gospel, spreading love, & kindness to everyone.

today i thought i would share a quote from the legendary kobe bryant. last year was my jordan year this year it's my kobe year. now i was never a lakers fan (#sacramentokings forever and always ;) where are all my kings fans at?) BUT, kobe was such a great man on and off the court. kobe bryant left an honorable legacy that we should live up too.

initially my caption for ig was going to be something witty like i usually do for my birthday. but this year i decided to use an inspirational quote from the black mamba himself.

"great things come from hard work and perseverance. no excuses."

i like this quote because it's simple and straight to the point. if you want great things to come you need to work hard everyday. you'll run into challenges a long the way but if you push through you will succeed. there are no excuses.

in my previous post i mentioned that after graduating college two years ago i had literally no idea where i was going to go or what i was going to do. how am i supposed to make money? how do i even get a job? i felt all the thoughts. i consider myself a confident person, inside and out, but that feeling i had 2 yrs ago was fear. fear of navigating this big and scary world without my parents holding my hand.

fast forward to present day. i now look at the world so differently. it wasn't until recently that i actually understood the meaning of "the world is your oyster." you hear that all the time from your parents, from mentors, from people you look up too. but as a kid you didn't know what that meant whatsoever.

there are endless opportunities in this world, i'm talking so many freaking opportunities it's honestly overwhelming! my parent's weren't lying when they said that i could be the next president. granted, being a politician is the last thing i'd want to be ;) but really though, if you set your mind to it, work your butt off, you will get there!

for the past two years i have been fortunate to work at the place that i do. i really appreciate how this field of work has shaped me into the person that i am today. two years came and went, but my passions and creativity took a hike to the back of my mind. quarantine 2020 really pushed me to go after my dreams of staring this blog & connecting with so many of you.

i have so many things i want to accomplish in life. i already have some plans in motion to further my career. i have been feeling so inspired lately and the wheels are turning. i'm itching for new opportunities. i'm so excited for this new path and year of growth. i am not where i want to be yet, but i have goals set in place. i can see it. i can envision it. through determination & hard work i will get there. no excuses. i am one day in of being 24 and i'm just getting started.

huge thanks to my good friend jonny for making all my graphic dreams come true. didn't he do such an amazing job!? i encourage you to DM him for work. he's seriously so good!

and HUGE thank you to my sisters madison & quinlan for helping me get THE shot for my birthday pictures. ya'll are the REAL mvp! PS quin's outfit is all courtesy of me...LOL she gets all my hand-me-downs.

shop my birthday look here:

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