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$98 Spanx Reviews/Mood Boards

hi friends!

today i am coming at you with a review on THE spanx faux leather leggings that currently retail at a whopping 98 dollars! after taxes the total cost me $106! holy cow!

now y'all know me and know that i'm a huge believer in affordable style & buying gently used first before buying brand new. i am still a firm believer in this. however, i am also a big believer in buying clothing of high quality & that will last me a lifetime.

if you know about these spanx leggings, you'll know that all bloggers rave about these. at first, i bent over backwards when i saw the price. a hundred bucks for some leggings?!? heck no am i going to spend my hard-earned money on those.

well, a few months later here i am. i did it. ordered them online and a day later i picked them up curbside from nordstrom. when i got home that night i put them on and instantly felt the buttery softness encase my legs. i felt the material hug my lower half in all the right places. wowza!

i read so many reviews and asked all my blogger friends how sizing went. now i'm 5'3 and usually wear a size 25 or 26 in pants. the reviews online all say to go up a size which is what i ended up doing. i ordered the size m petite! these fit so perfectly for my little legs. i encourage anyone under 5'5" to get the petite version.

here is my honest review: YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE! i'm telling you right now, you will never have to worry about see-thru leggings & wondering if everyone can see your undies. you also won't have to worry about any tearing, holes, and all that bad stuff that tends to happen with cheapo leggings. if you're thinking of buying these but the cost is stopping you, just know that i was there too. but i finally took the plunge and just went for it. i'm definitely not returning these! you can always buy them gently used on sites like poshmark, mercari, & depop!

i wasn't able to go out and take outfit pics in the leggings but i thought i'd put together some mood boards of outfits that i could see myself wearing with the leggings. hope you like it! let me know which outfit you liked best!

if you like any of these outfits:

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