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CA Fall-ish Outfits

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

hi friends!

as we all know, here in the US fall has begun and the summer days are coming to an end. even though the calendar might say summer has ended, the weather in CA is saying otherwise! it's pushing in at around ninety degrees most days. it's tolerable and i'm totally used to it. but i can tell you, it's definitely not fall around here just yet!

so, in honor of that, i wanted to share some fall-ish outfits ideas with you all!

outfit #1 - i snagged this captain's hat from target a couple weeks ago for only $15! i paired it with this free people blouse, denim levi shorts, & white ankle boots. i feel like this outfit is the perfect outfit to wear walking around DTLA or NY. the color of this blouse & the the dark hat give it more of a fall vibe! this will probably be my g0-to outfit for awhile! i'm obsessed!

outfit #2 - another fall transitional outfit i love! my family gifted me this lack of color wide palma fedora hat for my birthday! it's technically a summer hat but i'm still going to use it until it actually feels like fall where i live LOL! i paired this summery hat with this over-sized plaid green tunic/dress & camel boots. this whole look reminds me of a scarecrow or cute farm girl look haha! either way, this look is 100% fall to me!

outfit #3 - i snagged this super cute dress on a target run! i grabbed it once i saw it! i just love the plaid colors on this! olive green?!?! eye heart emjoi to the max!!! the perfect color for fall! since the dress is already a statement you'll see i paired with mostly solid colored items - i.e. the lack of color zulu rancher hat, black cardigan, & camel boots.

which outfit was your favorite? which outfit do you see yourself wearing? let me know in the comments below!



outfit #1:

outfit #2:

outfit #3:

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