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FashionPass: Yay or Nay?!

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

hi friends!

today we are going over FashionPass and i'm here to let y'all know if it's worth it not. i started FashionPass back in september 2020. i wanted to use the service for a few months before giving you my true un-biased thoughts. now before we start, a few disclaimers: 1. i have worked with fashionpass in the past & 2. NO this is not a paid blog post. these are 100% my true thoughts!

how did you find out about fashionpass?

december 2019, i was looking for a dress from lani the label (amanda stanton's line) and happened to stumble upon a google image that linked to a website called fashionpass. i was intrigued as it brought up the exact dress i was looking at buying. i then searched around the website to see what it was all about and instantly wanted to try it out. unlimited clothing rentals from top brands every month?!? sign me up!

did you sign up right away?

no, i didn't! you know why? i was super intimidated by the price plans and you might be too. there are three price plans you can choose from: socialite which is $79 a month, trendsetter which is $109 a month, and wanderlust which is $139 a month. when i first saw these prices i was scratching my head wondering if this would be worth it. i legit sat on this decision for more than 8 months. i would always go back to the webiste to check it out and then tell myself that i didn't need to sign up. then in september last year, i finally bit the bullet and decided to hell with it! let's try it. worst comes to worst, you just get rid of your membship right?!

after using fashionpass for a couple months can you tell me if it's worth it?

i have been using the service for four months now and i can tell you that without a doubt fashionpass is most definitely worth it! think about it this way, why spend $200+ dollars on a brand new free people jacket when you can just rent the same exact jacket on fashionpass? and BONUS you get to return it after you're done. OR if you fall in love with it, you can purchase it with a discount that other websites don't offer!

i have used FP for many formal occasions from office events to holidays and to weddings. FP makes for the perfect one-stop-shop for any gal out there. they have a ton of items to choose from including brands like free people, show me your mumu, for love & lemons, & many more. FP allows me to try out brands that i typically wouldn't be able to purchase full price from the actual department store !

have you ever had a bad encounter with FashionPass - customer service? shipping delays?

this is a big fat no. now i can't speak for others, but, i have had such a great experience with all the lovely ladies behind the fashionpass brand. they are really quick to answer questions on the website, on IG, and via email. they are all SO sweet!

as far as shipping goes, no i have never had a bad experience with any shipments of mine. i have always gotten my shipments super fast! in fact, that is what they thrive on! fast express shipping, always! dare i even say...they are better than amazon!

what would you rate your experience with fashionpass?

10 outta 10 HIGHlY recommend! i don't regret signing up & i'm so glad that a google search led me to them!

final thoughts?

fashionpass is a great service where you can try out top designer brands without breaking the bank. i'm currenlty 24 yrs old and make decent money but i'm not a billionaire by any means! Fashionpass allows me to try out brands without racking up tons of debt! i think it's a wonderful service that you all should try out. fashionpass has had my back for everyday outfits, work events, family parties, & weddings in the past 4 months. i will continually be using their services! it's a YAY from me!

how do i get started?

  1. get started here: you'll need to input your personal info

  2. make sure to enter my code KAMERON to get $15 off your first month (it's usually $10)!

  3. start adding to your cart!

as always my DM's are always open if you have any questions! i also have highlights here & here saved on the gram' of past fashionpass hauls and Q&A's all about FP. make sure to check those out!

check out some of the outfits that i've rented in the past! the retail price is how much it usually retails for. the fashionpass price is how much you can purchase the item for because you're an FP member. you usually can get up to 30%-50% off on their items if you decide to purchase!

kylie mini dress from the resa. retail price: $176 fashionpass price: $88

tamika dress from she is us. retail price: $69 fashionpass price: $48.30

def leppard high n dry weekend tee from daydreamer retail price: $74 fashionpass price: $48.88

echoes knit dress from minkpink. retail price: $109 fashionpass price: $76.30

allie sweater from line & dot. retail price: $92 fashionpass price: $64.40

levi shortalls. retail price: $98 fashionpass price: $68.80

adina puff sleeve shirt from pistola. retail price: $118 fashionpass price: $66.08

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