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Kam's Weekly Wear

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

hello friends! i'm excited to share a new series called, "kam's weekly wear". i will be sharing with you a weekly roundup of all the outfits i wore during the week. as most of you know, i work a 9 to 5 during the day. i'm lucky enough that our dress code is business casual. with covid going on, the dress code hasn't been strictly enforced, so you'll see that my outfits range from casual to classy overnight.

monday - july 13, 2020

i definitely pushed the envelope with this one, the length of this dress is just short of too short for office wear if you know what i mean. i had recently purchased the tunic and wanted to wear it out because it's just soo pretty. i paired the free people tunic with these pointed flats. (just something to note, whenever you wear a dress to work, always wear flats to keep it modest and work appropriate.)

tuesday - july 14th, 2020

as you can see, i quickly switched it up from colored, beautiful tunics straight to a classic all black outfit. you really can't go wrong with a monochrome color scheme. i wore the simone black high rise jeans from abercrombie with a fav go-to blouse from free people, and finalized the outfit with some casual basic slip-ons.

wednesday - july 15th, 2020

i decided to lighten up my color scheme from yesterday by wearing this nice casual number. i wore my favorite jamie topshop jeans with a lightweight green cardigan from zara, a basic white tank, and the same black slip-ons from the previous day.

thursday july 16th, 2020

i woke up this day feeling fun. so, i decided to pull out these super cute overalls from free people. the a-line detail is so unique, which makes this piece stand out from traditional overalls. i paired them with this fun patterned blouse originally from house of harlow along with some brown mules.

friday - july 17th, 2020

i'm telling you my outfits go from classy to casual real quick. the AC is always blasting and my day is a tad bit shorter on friday's. i opted for a comfy look with this camouflage aerie sweatshirt, the same topshop jeans from the day before and these nine west slip-ons.

which outfit did you like the most? let me know in the comments below!


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