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My Purpose as a Blogger

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

hi friends! in today's blog post i wanted to share with you the story of why i started blogging. starting this blog has been such a dream and i have been able to create connections with other bloggers, old friends, & new friends in a way that i have never done before. it's so exciting to see where this journey will take me.

as a little girl , i wrote in a diary and talked about how my day went & who my crushes were. as a teenager, i changed the name "diary" to" journal" to somehow make writing in a notebook about my deepest thoughts & secrets sound cooler. in the end though, it's definitely still a diary lol!

as an almost 24 yr old, i still write in my journal, not as much anymore but when i feel the need to pour out my feelings i will pull out the pink floral hardbound notebook and write until my hand aches. writing my thoughts out has been a secret passion of mine.

i think most of you know, but i have always had a love for fashion & creating outfits that make me feel happy. i would follow trends but make it my own. outfits bring me joy because i believe it's a reflection of who you are. it's the creativity that excites me when putting things together and seeing if it a good pairing.

i can tell you that 2 yrs ago, a recent college grad at the time, i had no idea what i wanted to do post-college. i had a marketing degree but no job to utilize it. the reason i chose marketing for my major was because i loved the creativity of it. how do you grab people's attention? how do you make them loyal to your brand? it's was all intriguing to me and that is why i decided to go for it. for the last two years i have been using my marketing degree to an extent here at my full-time job. but it's not the way i was hoping to use it.

staring this blog is way of combining all three passions - writing, fashion, & creativity - together and pouring all my love for it to YOU. i am using these passions in hopes that it inspires women to become the best versions of themselves whether it be through styling outfits, through self-love, & just life itself. my blog is here to encourage YOU to step out of your comfort zone, discover different avenues of yourself, & to get creative with your life. hence my tag line - "to inform & inspire with love."

this is my story, my journey, & i want to thank YOU for joining me.


all photos by: pleasant street photography

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