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NATbyJ Watches

hi friends!

are any of you back at work in the office? i've been physically back at work since may of last year. truthfully, i'm glad to be back because it helps me stay on a routine! i will say though, one of the things i miss from WFH is the fact that i was able to work in my sweatpants all day. now that was the dream!

now back at work, i dress super casually. before the pandemic, monday through thursday we would dress business casual and friday's were our designated "jean" day. now every day is jean day because we don't have any clients coming through the door, so it doesn't make much sense to dress up.

NATbyJ is the perfect accessory to add to my casual outfits at work. pamela, the founder of NATbyJ, says her products are a "wrist statement for every look." i couldn't agree more.

the watch that i'm wearing is from the unpretentious collection. i chose the color black because i felt that this watch could go with a variety of outfits. i've dressed it up with a night out, to work, & also on casual days like in the pictures below.

the unpretentious collection comes in 6 colors and pricing starts at $99. the watches from this line are known for their minimalistic features which are much appreciated. they have a classy unique design which makes for the perfect timepiece to have in your collection.

check out NATbyJ and the other collections that they have! they are all so stylish and perfect for any outfit that you wear.

shop the outfit on my LTK: #liketkit

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