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Schwinn Sierra Step-Thru

hello beautiful people!

we are back with a new post. first off i'd like to say a huge thanks to schwinn for yet another collaboration. i have been apart of the schwinn family way before i ever started working with them.

make sure to scroll down below to see a few snaps of me & my first schwinn bike (still have that bike to this day)! i was in high school at the time and was reading a sara dessan book - typical teenage romance novel hehe. anywho, the main character in the book rode around town on a bright-colored beach cruiser. after finishing the book, i remember telling my parents how much i wanted one. they surprised me with a sky blue beach cruiser for my bday that yr. instant love!

my family & i love schwinn bikes and every member of my family has one of their own. we are a schwinn family! last summer, i was able to test out schwinn's tone 2 e-scooter. you can read that blog post here.

this time around i was able to test out the schwinn sierra step-thru bike which is apart of their women's bike cruiser line. i have had this bike for over 3 months now. i have used it to ride around the neighborhood for some exercise as well as a form of relaxation.

so what is the schwinn sierra step-thru known for?

  1. schwinn comfort-tuned aluminum frame: the frame of this bike is lightweight and allows much ease. i had no trouble lifting the bike onto the sidewalk or putting it into the bed of the truck. this is a plus from me, cuz all ya'll know that i'm not the strongest person out there!

  2. schwinn memory foam saddle: what i've found is that the saddle of the seat is very comfortable. my bum did not complain when riding this around! i've ridden other bikes before and they do not compare to the schwinn saddle seat. the memory foam allows for overall comfort. it doesn't matter if it's a short 5-minute ride or an hour-long ride your bum won't feel a thing!

  3. wider tires: something i first noticed when taking this bike out for a spin was how wide the tires were. they measure at 27.5" which allows for a faster & smoother ride. these tires held up very well on nature trails as well as regular concrete pavement. whatever the ground type may be, the schwinn sierra proves that it can handle wherever you take it!

  4. aluminum linear-pull brakes: the linear-pull breaks allow for great stopping power when ending your ride. this is also beneficial should you need to stop abruptly.

  5. stylish color: this bike comes in a mint blue color which pops out nicely from a crowd. funny story, my photographer (aka my little sister :P) & i rode the schwinn 2 e-scooter & this bike to our photo shoot location. as we were pulling into the lot, there was a police officer pulling over a motorcyclist for a ticket. after that was taken care of, the police officer drove by and said he noticed us because of how bright the bike was! like i said, this bike will definitely stand out!

  6. multiple sizes: the bike comes in multiple sizes-small, medium, & large. i stand at 5'3" and weigh ~115 lbs. the size small fits my shape perfectly.

overall thoughts?

the schwinn sierra step-thru is perfect for a midday afternoon ride around the neighborhood or even for an adventurous day on the nature trails. the mint blue color is great because it's stylish! on the off chance, you get lost, someone will be able to spot you with how colorful & bright the bike is! but hopefully, that isn't the case! i'm looking forward to welcoming spring soon with my schwinn sierra step-thru!

and as promised...

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