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Summertime With Schwinn

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

hello friends! i have something SO exciting to share with you today. but first, do you ever think back on your childhood and all the memories that come with it? one of the memories that i think back on was riding on my scooter around the neighborhood with my sisters & all the neighborhood kids. we would race each other or hop on the scooter to hang out at each other's homes. what a time it was!

now as adult, i didn't think i would need any other transportation outlet besides my car! until i heard about electric scooters! electric scooters are the new rage and i vote for them to stay as long as possible.

today i am sharing a very exciting product with you all. introducing to you the first ever electric scooter by schwinn; the tone 2 e-scooter! it's all in the name: "the day starts with you. set the tone." the tone 2 scooter offers a unique & adventurous way to commute. whether it's heading to school, to work, or cruising around town.

now let's get into the key features that the tone 2 e-scooter can offer you:

compact & lightweight: something that i really admire about this scooter is how lightweight it is. now, i am not that strong so carrying things around for a long period of time is just not the business. the scooter is made of lightweight aluminum frame that allows for easy lifting and carrying around if need be. the scooter has a folding frame with a lockable folding lever - something that i have not seen on any other e-scooter to date! that way, if you are a commuter, you can fold the scooter down and carry it along with you.

smooth ride: long ago are the days of metal scooters scratching against rough pavement. attached to the aluminum frame of the tone 2 are two 200 mm air tires that offer a smooth and comfortable ride.

rechargeable battery: how is the scooter powered you might ask? it's powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 9 miles. i google mapped how many miles it takes to drive from my home to work & it only's 6 miles! it looks like i'll be saving some gas and commuting to work on my new scooter!

LCD screen: the LCD screen includes all three settings - low, medium, & fast & shows you just how fast or slow you're riding. the tone 2 scooter can go a max speed of 25 kph/15 mph! when going that fast, it feels like you're flying down the road.

hand operator levers: the tone 2 includes both a hand operated accelerator lever & the hand e-brake lever. the hand operated accelerator allows for you to control the speed at how fast or slow you'd prefer to go. the hand e-brake lever allows for a secure & safe stop.

let's talk details:

the tone 2 e-scooter currently comes in two colors: black & white. the black color is currently sold out. i decided to go with the white color because i thought it looked futuristic & just plain cool looking. the scooter is currently priced at $339.99. now i know that looks like a scary number, but i promise you that this scooter is worth every penny! with all the features included & all the money you'd save from not having to buy gas...that sounds like a win-win to me! you can purchase the e-scooter here. they are also offering a 10% off discount code off your first order! make sure you apply that! you know how much i love any type of discount!

final thoughts:

i absolutely love this schwinn tone 2 e-scooter & would one hundred percent recommend for you to either buy for yourself or gift to someone. i guarantee they will have the time of their lives! my sisters are already talking about getting another schwinn e-scooter so they can join in on the fun!

if you do decide to purchase this e-scooter, please let me know! post a pic & tag me so i can see! now, please enjoy this short video that i put together for you all :)

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